How to Switch Off Comments on Posts

By default WordPress allows comments on posts. Unfortunately in our internet world 99% of those posts will be spam. The best course of action is to switch them off.

You do this via the WordPress admin area. Once logged in go to

Settings –> Discussion

Then uncheck ‘Allow people to submit comments on new posts’ and click ‘Save Changes’

Switch Off Comments for Existing Posts

If you decide to switch off comments for your WordPress posts after you have already posted ones the above will not do this for you. You will need to manually edit each post and switch them off.

This is done in the ‘Edit Post’ section and under the ‘Discussion’ menu on the right side bar.

You can also do this directly in the database if you have lots of posts to update. Run this bit of SQL on your wp_posts table.

update wp_posts set 
comment_status = 'closed', 
ping_status = 'closed' 
where post_type = 'post' 
and comment_status = 'open' 
and ping_status = 'open'